"I looked high and I looked low...and luckily found One Off Survey! Similar survey solutions that we trialled were asking us to spend way over our budget and weren't half as user friendly."
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Features & Benefits

Here are some features that we can provide to help you make the most from your online survey:

Full branding design : adding your logo / changing page layout / customised colours / URL branding (surveys.yourcomapny.com) / and much more.

20 different question types : Matrix / Single Choice / Multiple Choice / Open Ended (Narrative) / and much more. See examples below

ss1.jpg  ss2.jpg ss3.jpg

ss4.jpg ss5.jpg ss6.jpg

Survey Settings : make answers mandatory / password protect surveys / prevent more than one response per person / and much more.

Survey Distribution : we will provide you with the direct link to your survey so you can send it by email / place the link of your survey on to your website/blog/facebook etc. / or we can send out a bulk email to your potential respondents in one go, this will allow us to track who has responded so we can send automatic reminders to those who haven't.

Survey Results : live access to your results as they come in / clear graphical results / view individual's response / export raw data to CSV (spreadsheet) / export results to Word / filter results based on certain criterias within your survey / and much more. See examples below

ss7.jpg ss8.jpg ss9.jpg

ss10.jpg ss11.jpg ss12.jpg

If you have specific requirements then please contact us, alternatively complete the quote request form.

Example Surveys:

We encourge you to complete these example so you can see the results below.

Customer Satisfaction
Employee Opinion
Management Review
Parent Satisfaction

Example Results:

These results are for the 'example surveys' above.

Customer Satisfaction 'Results'
Employee Opinion 'Results'
Management Review 'Results'
Parent Satisfaction 'Results'